Professional Services

Please note the minimum booking we accept is £49

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Professional deep cleaning of your single, double, or range oven including:

  • Dip cleaning of racks and trays using environmentally friendly, non-caustic yet powerful products.

  • Dip cleaning of additional removable parts where possible.

  • Doors removed, cleaned and glass polished.

  • Fan removed and cleaned where possible

  • Knobs degreased and polished

  • Internal and external surfaces cleaned and polished



Whether you require a specific ceramic hob cleaning service, enamel cleaning or stainless steel hob cleaning, our specialist team are fully trained to achieve a stunning result on your gas or electric hob.


Our high quality professional extractor cleaning service restores cooker hoods to their former glory, removing the grease and dirt which prevents extractor fans from working effectively.

  • Internal and external surfaces cleaned and polished.

  • Filters deep cleaned and degreased



We have the experience and skills necessary to tackle just about every type of job that comes our way. Why not let us tackle your microwave whilst we visit, leaving all your appliances sparkling.